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My name is John Galanakis and I am an independent cinematic music composer, Engineer and Software Developer from Greece. I finished my classical piano diploma lessons at the National Conservatory of Greece along with guitar lessons, drums, vocals, choirs and orchestra composition. I compose mostly epic, cinematic soundtracks and progressive, symphonic rock-metal music in my specialy designed music studio. Most of my songs and albums are concept-based to a story of a world that I create. I love making films or stories, characters, adventures and give them life throughout my music. My songs are ideal for video games,movies,performances and trailers

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In order to use my music you will need a license. I am curently giving licenses so you can use my songs on your awesome projects! The license can be bought directly from me and the price depends on the size of your project. The cheapest license per song starts from $25 USD (for very low-budget and small-scale projects such as performances or small Youtube channel videos). For more big and complex projects I can edit-change-remake the licensed songs to suit the needs of your project better. I can also provide non-exclusive licenses for existing songs. I will need:

-Title of the song you want to get a license for

-The Full name of the Project

-Release date

-Duration you require music for

-Production budget and/or music budget

-Media you wish to license the music to (games/TV/radio/internet/cinema)

Software I use




  • EWQL Platinum Orchestra
  • EWQL Gold Orchestra
  • EWQL Silver Orchestra
  • EWQL Rare Instruments
  • EWQL Symphonic Choirs
  • EWQL Voices of Passion
  • EWQL Storm Drum


  • Cinematic Strings
  • Action Strings
  • Adictive Keys
  • Era MediEval Legends
  • Heavocity Gravity
  • Lumina Library
  • Symphobia 1 & 2


  • Best Service - Mystica
  • Best Service - Shevannai
  • Soundiron - Mars Symphonic Mens Choir
  • Soundiron - Venus Symphonic Women's Choir
  • Voices of Rapture
  • Ethno World Voices
  • Ethno World Instruments


  • Omnisphere
  • Nexus
  • Mutations 1
  • Mutations 2
  • 8Dio Dubstep
  • Spitfire Audio HZ01 Percussion London Ensembles
  • Various cinematic effects from Warner Bros and Sony


  • Steven Slate Drums
  • Addictive Drums 2
  • Bias Amp Pro


    Original Composition

    Maybe the existing songs wont fit to your project and you want exclusively a song to be created just for its needs. I am capable of creating songs for your project based one the style and the atmosphere you want.


    The pricing is based per minute and it depends on the project budget and the complexity of the music.

    Game Integration

    Also I am an software engineer, with experience on game creation engines (Unity,Cry Engine 3) and programming, so I am capable of integrating sound effects and music to video games directly.

    Submit a Music Commission

    For more details contact me at info@john-galanakis.com with the following details:

    -Length of music in minutes (even seconds for more demanding projects)

    -Project name,attitude,mood and style

    -Description about the music (feel free to provide examples or other artists)

    Submit a Game Commision

    For Game projects I will need all of the above plus:

    -Description,purpose,adaption of the soundtrack


    -If you need a license (exclusive or non-exclusive)

    -Production budget and/or music/sound design budget


    In order to be able to help you, you'll have to respect that I have my own sound-style.

    Also, please respect the fact that I do not work for free

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    Contact Me

    If you have any questions about commissions or licenses check the sections above. For more information feel free to contact me at info@john-galanakis.com or through the e-mail form below. Also please make sure to check out the respective sections on this page for more information.

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